Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bathroom Before and Afters

Here is what we started with. I wish I had taken a picture before I cleaned the toilet, but I don't think anyone would have wanted to see that anyway. Jeny got upclose and personal with the toilet when she helped me replace the wax seal, so she can attest to the vileness of it. It's clean now, I promise. Here is how it looks now. Here is a list of what I did, since you can't see all of it: scrubbed everything (I don't know how, nor do I wish to know how, but the previous owners managed to get urine on every wall and the door from about knee level down), new toilet seat, replaced wax ring, re-caulked everything, new baseboard behind toilet, replaced leaky faucet, installed outlet next to light switch (that I haven't wired yet because I don't have a ladder to get into the attic), wet sanded and polished countertop, sealed and painted ceiling, new towel rack, sealed and painted baseboards, and mounted the vanity cabinet to the wall.I had my doubts about this tub, but it cleaned up very nicely. Some of the paint is worn off where there was a door at one time, but I will eventually fix that.
Here is a picture just for fun. Shannon wanted to read a book to Leah, so she climbed up in her crib with her. Leah absolutely loved it. I sure do love these girls.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Funny Kids

People have been asking me for recent pictures of my kids, so I took some today while we were playing. As you can see, Leah's hair still has the curl on top that I can't do a thing with. She is such a cutie. We really like her.
It looks like she is about to attack me in this picture, but it was the best smile I could get out of her on film.
Recently I scrubbed the tile in the kitchen and Shannon, of course, wanted to help. I gave her a sponge and a bucket with a little bit of water in it, and she thought that was very fun.
For some reason this picture uploaded sideways, but you get the point. The top is what it looked like before I scrubbed it, and the bottom is what the grout is supposed to look like (though if you look closely you can see that it needs to be patched, too). It was really dirty!
Shannon has really gotten into the pretend stage. She wraps her dolls in blankets and sings to them all the time. This was too funny, however, to not take a picture. This is her favorite stuffed animal. It's a teddy bear, but his name is Puppy. She did all of this by herself. I especially loved the "peek-a-boos" (sunglasses) that she put on him.
Finally, here is a video of Leah's army crawl. She is getting very fast and getting pretty much anywhere she wants to be.