Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yet More Before and Afters

This is the project I have been dreading since we moved in. This toilet was put on a tile that was cut very poorly, leaving a gap that looked gross and had wax and other stuff coming out of it. The wax ring on this toilet was also shot, so I knew we would have to take up the toilet and do some tile repair. Of course it ended up being a bigger problem than I had thought it would be. When I lifted up the broken tile the backerboard came with it, revealing lots of mold. Obviously this wax ring needed to be replaced a while ago! I had to lift up all of the tiles up to the wall and the baseboard to get all of the mold out that I could see. Then I cleaned the floor down to the linoleum underneath and put down some new backerboard and tile.I took an extra tile to Lowe's with all of my measurements drawn on it and they cut it for me. It was a perfect fit! I cemented the tile, waited a day, grouted, waited a day, then put on a few new wax rings (since the flange is now even with the floor) and Matt put the toilet back on.It isn't perfect, of course, because even with the new backerboard the floor was still pretty uneven, but it's as good as I could get it, and I am very pleased with it. No more gross toilet!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Room Finished!

I finally finished the den! Here is what it looked like before:And after: This room was a lot of trouble because the walls and ceiling had been repaired so many times they looked like a patchwork quilt. That means that after we painted, the edge looked like someone drunk had painted it. I thought a good solution would be to put up a crown moulding. Well, I cheated. I actually bought baseboard because it was much cheaper. I just turned it upside down. I coped the corner joints and after mudding, caulking, and painting, here is the result:
It looks SO much better. I think we have doors for this closet in the garage, but Matt doesn't want them put on right now. There is a TV in the closet that will eventually get put on some kind of stand, but I think that's all we need and this room will be completely finished. Here is what we did: Removed 6 shelf brackets and a TV wall mount bracket, spackled lots of holes, painted walls and trim, replaced carpet, replaced window, added new blinds, and put up moulding.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter, etc.

Here is Shannon ready to color her eggs. I told her about it the day before and she kept asking me and asking me if it was time to do them yet. She was very excited!She loved putting stickers on them. Here are the girls in their pretty Easter dresses:
We got a sandbox for Christmas and since it's too cold outside to use out there we just kept it inside and put toys in it. The girls love it! This is how I found Leah one afternoon. Just as content as can be!
Here is a video of one of Leah's favorite activities. She especially loves it when her sister joins her. Before I turned the camera on Leah was rocking and saying, "Wow! Wow! Wow!" It was really cute, but for some reason she stopped when I turned the camera on.