Monday, April 30, 2012

Tulips, School Programs, and Such...

We got to go to the Tulip Festival last weekend, and it's still one of my favorite things to do!  I just love it!  Here are the girls and their "Nanny" standing in front of the color coordinated beds.  The weather couldn't have been better, by the way.
 This is the view of the creek near the Monet bridge.
 Just a sample of the 2,000 or so tulips.
 Noah's Ark near the kids gardens.  I love Leah's pose.
Shannon sang the Utah state song with the rest of the Kindergarten students.  If you know me, you know that this is my biggest dream come true.  I have always wanted to see my kids in their school programs, and finally I got to see one!  It was very fun!
Finally, I found a video that was taken when Shannon was in the hospital.  She watched "The Sound of Music" twice and did this puzzle 4 times.  She loves this movie!

Easter 2012

We had a really nice, low-key Easter.  Here are the girls coloring their eggs:
 And here they are the next morning after they found their baskets:  
 All three of them!  I dressed up my boy even though he didn't go to church (he still hadn't had his immunizations).  
 What a happy boy!  I love that face!
Happy Easter!