Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shannon's 5th Birthday

Shannon had a very fun birthday party. She wanted to have her cousins and some of her friends over and they spent most of the day in the pool. Here she is with her She-Ra cake.Blowing out the candles.
She wanted a Wonder Woman costume, and I actually found a modest one on e-bay . I don't have any pictures of her wearing it yet, but she is going to wear it for Halloween, so there will be pictures soon!
She got a Cinderella doll and decided to dress up just like her. Of course, Leah had to pose for the picture as well!
Unrelated to her birthday, one night when she was supposed to be sleeping I found her in her room writing on this. She wrote this completely by herself. It says "I can learn my letters. I will learn the letter A." I think this must be something written on the chalkboard in her classroom. Smart girl!