Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Shannon has loved to read since she was born. Since both Matt and I love to read, we read to our children frequently, hoping that they will find it as enjoyable as we do. The other day (as I was reading, ironically) I looked up to see what the girls were doing. Shannon had put a blanket on Leah, snuggled up next to her, and was reading to her. She has all of her books memorized, so she actually does "read" them, and Leah was fascinated. It was pretty dang cute.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Green Wilma

Green Wilma has been one of my favorite kid books since before I had kids. It's just a funny story! I checked it out from the library and within days Shannon had it memorized. She does love books! I have actually been trying for a long time to get this video, but every time I take the camera out Shannon thinks it's time to say, "cheese!" and she won't read with me. My persistance paid off, however, and I finally got it! Sorry she is only wearing panties. She doesn't like to wear pants, and I don't make her wear them unless we leave the house.