Thursday, December 16, 2010


We had a nice ward party last Saturday and the girls got to see Santa. Shannon could hardly wait for her turn and was eager to tell Santa what she wants for Christmas. Leah, on the other hand...
We also made our gingerbread houses with Aunt Jeny's family. Mine is the temple (with Tinkerbell as the Angel Moroni), Matt's is the house with the brown roof, Shannon was very proud of the T she put on her roof, and I think Leah's is the best with one candy on it.
This is a bird I found in our yard the other day. Anyone know what it is? I thought it was very pretty.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Leah is Two

For Leah's birthday we got her a toy piano because she just loves the piano! It was really funny when I had it wrapped up, sitting by an end table and she sat on the box and pretended to play the piano on the end table!We went to Red Robin for her birthday dinner and she got lots of presents. Here she is opening them.Feeding her new baby.Lastly, here she is opening up her piano. She doesn't smile, but her eyes just light up! I love it! She adores her piano and plays it every day. Maybe next year we'll be getting a real one.

Gingerbread Festival

This year the Gingerbread Festival was a last minute thing for us, but we made it in time for the last hour. Here is the candyland that was the most candy I have ever seen used!The Notre Dame cathedral, complete with Quasimodo between the towers.The house from "Up." This had so many details, we probably stared at it for 15 minutes. Very impressive!Another cute one.All that candy and cute things, and the only thing Shannon was interested in was the show! There was a group of middle or high school students singing Christmas songs and Shannon thought that was the best thing ever. After one of the soloists finished a song, Shannon asked if it was her turn. I think she would have been happy to entertain that audience. Here she is with her Nanny, enjoying the show. There are so many other pictures I could post, but these are probably the best houses. Pretty amazing!


Shannon, at the last minute, decided she wanted to be a flower just like Dora (in one of her library books). After 3 hours of sewing, here is the result. Leah was Cinderella.And here is the pumpkin carving mess. We didn't really go trick-or-treating because it was raining. We did a little bit at Walmart, so the girls were happy.Matt did a witch and I did Charlie Brown and Snoopy for Shannon. She really wanted Peter Pan, but I couldn't find a template for it. It was a fun night!