Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Leah

My niece, Nickell, is a great photographer and she took some really fun pictures of Leah last night. The last one is my favorite, I think, but the one where she is puckering her lips is so cute!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Shannon Meets Her Sister

Shannon came home last night from her Aunt Kate's house just after we had gotten home from the hospital. She didn't really know what to think about Leah at first, but she very quickly warmed up to her (it helps that she loves babies). She wanted to hold her and look at her.
Today Shannon has been hugging Leah and even got to hold her for a bit. She leaned down to kiss her and, without any prompting from us, said, "I love you." She frequently talks in the third person, so she has told me many times today that "she loves her Leah." It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.
Wait...this might be the cutest thing ever. Are those the skinniest legs you have ever seen, or what? They are very long and thin. Good thing she likes to eat!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Baby Leah

I actually went into labor! I woke up this morning at about 7 feeling some pretty good contractions every ten minutes or so. I waited for a bit, then called the doctor to see if they wanted me to go to the hospital. They did, so we got here at about 1:00 and had a labor evaluation. I was dilated to 4 centimeters, so they decided to keep me. I got my epidural at 5:30 or so, started pushing around 7, and Leah was born at 7:33. She weighs only 6 pounds 9 ounces (4 ounces more than Shannon) and is almost 21 inches long. She is just as cute as can be, very well mannered so far, and eats like a champ! She has lots of brown hair (though her eyelashes look very light, so there is hope still that she will be a redhead). I will post more pictures when I get them, but for now I need to get some sleep.