Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our House

Here is our cute house! The roof and the siding are fairly new, and the swamp cooler will be coming down since it has new central air!
This is my favorite bedroom because it is so bright. It will probably be Leah's room and my sewing room.
This is the front room. The carpet looks like someone died on it, but it will be replaced before we move in.
This is the kitchen/dining room. The counters are behind the camera. The door off to the right is to the laundry room/bathroom.
The basement. Again with the nasty carpet. Off to the left is a bedroom and the furnace room, which will be plenty big enough for some food storage.
This will probably be our bedroom. That cable goes up to a TV stand mounted on the wall. Kind of cool!
This is the back yard that Jeny and I are drooling over. I honestly don't know if there is any grass left in there, but I will try some weed and feed before laying new sod. The tree on the left is a pear and the other one is an apple. There is a shed out of the picture on the right and the garage is on the left.

Monday, June 8, 2009

We Need a House...

I went to check on Leah last night and found her like this. She is still sleeping in this small crib in our bedroom because if she slept in the crib in Shannon's room, Shannon would kill her. I'm not exaggerating! I would set up the port-a-crib, but there is just no room for it. We are as squished in here as we can get.On the plus side, we got a house!!!!!!!! We put an offer on this house months ago, but since it is a short sale it took a while. You can see pictures here. It will be a few weeks before we close because we have to apply for a grant, but since we are in a contract here in our apartment until the end of June, that is perfect! We are very excited!