Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween was so much fun this year! It all started with a trip to the pumpkin patch:
I had to throw this picture in as well, because Leah cracks me up.
Dad and Leah perusing the pumpkins. 
 Dad is so happy to be at the pumpkin patch.
 Leah was a pumpkin cleaning beast! She got right in there and did all of the work.
 The pumpkin carving party:
 Shannon was disgusted and didn't want to clean it out, so Dad had to help her.
 Leah was a cute kitty.
 Ready to go! For once it was actually decent weather and we didn't have to wear coats or anything!
 I did the Hello, Kitty (but only finished it halfway because there just wasn't time), Nanny did the painted one in the middle, and the one on the right is Shannon's.
 I didn't really intend for all of them to be in black, but it was cute! Christopher is wearing the onesie that he got when he was in the hospital the day after being born last year. It's a 0-3 month and it fit perfectly!
 "I'm a mean old witch with a hat, and I ride on my broom with my cat!"