Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dual Immersion Cultural Celebration 2015

This was another really fun year of dance and music at Shannon's school! Her class represented Honduras this year and danced La Punta. She looked gorgeous in her costume.
 Shannon got to give the introduction in Spanish, and was really excited about it. Here she is, showing off what she has learned:
Here is the dance. Her partner's name is Oscar, and she was mostly excited about the dip at the end. She thought that was the best thing ever.
They also sang a song by Shakira called Waka Waka.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Federation 2015

The girls have been practicing hard for this year's piano competition. They both did a very good job and both received "superior" ratings. Here they are showing off their certificates. Shannon has gotten a superior three years in a row now, so she earned the 15 point trophy.
I wasn't allowed to record at the competition, but they did a recital last night to show off the pieces they learned. Here is Shannon:
And here's Leah. She had a bit of trouble with the end of the first song because the piano bench was both high and slippery. She figured it out, though!