Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Blessing, an Eclipse, and an Award

Yep, I'm squishing all three things into one blog post because I'm lazy.  We had Christopher's blessing the first Sunday this month and we had quite a bit of company!  Here are all of the kids playing nicely together:
 The adults enjoying yummy food in the kitchen:
 And the handsome little man of the hour.  My mom made this outfit, and I just love the checkered vest!  He could not have been cuter!
 We made a pinhole projector to view the eclipse, and despite Leah's face in this picture, they thought it was pretty cool.  We had a perfect spot in our backyard and got to watch the whole thing.
 Here it is just after it was full.
 I had to throw this one in here because he's just so cute.  I put a tie on him for church last Sunday, and I didn't take it off all day because he was adorable.  What a happy little boy!
 Lastly, Shannon received an award for being an excellent student this year.  Here she is getting her medallion from her teacher, Mrs. Bingham.
Here she is proudly wearing her award.  She really did earn it.  She is reading at a second grade level and has worked very hard all year long.  We are excited for her to start 1st grade in a gifted dual language immersion class next year.  Her teacher will speak 3 hours in the morning in English only, then the last 3 hours will be Spanish only, so the kids pick it up pretty quickly. Since it's a gifted class she will also be following an advanced curriculum, so she's going to have to keep working hard!  We're very proud of her.