Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Royal Ball

Last night we had the opportunity to go to an event put on by an organization called Hope Kids. It's a group that sponsors movies, zoo nights, and other fun things for kids with serious medical conditions and their families. Last night was the Royal Ball. The girls had been counting down the days, and they had their costumes all picked out and ready to go.

  I just love how cute and excited they look in this picture.
 Here they are making royal banners. Leah's hair didn't last long, but it was really cute while it lasted.
 Leah meeting her favorite princess.
 Snow White
 Rapunzel! She was really fun.
 Making their wands
 The blue fairy (from Pinocchio)
 Leah's face says it all.
 Blurry, but a good picture of them dancing.
 Merida (from Brave)
 Peter Pan
 The Mad Hatter
 Dancing with Alice (in Wonderland) and Tiana
 Prince Naveen (from The Princess and the Frog)
 Prince Charming
You can also see the ugly stepsisters behind them. I didn't get a picture with them, but they were pretty funny.
 Dancing with Merida
 A little rap session with Belle and Prince Adam (the Beast)
 The girls with their favorite princesses (this was at the end of three hours of dancing and the girls were pooped, not sad)
 They each got a unicorn painted on their face.
 This was the venue. It's a reception center called The Castle in Layton. It was beautiful!
Shannon had a great time tormenting Peter Pan. She kept chasing him around the ballroom and pulling on his shirt, and he was a good sport about it. I think the Mad Hatter was putting her up to it.
Leah danced with Cinderella almost the entire time. Every time I looked, they were holding hands. I said to Cinderella, "She's really attached to you!" and she said, "I'm really attached to her!" 
It was a perfect, magical evening for my girls. They have dealt with some pretty serious stuff in their short lives, and it's sure nice to watch them just be kids.