Friday, March 18, 2016

West Kearns Elementary Cultural Celebration 2016

We had another dance program at the girls' school. This year was so much fun because Leah was in it, too! They loved preparing for it, and they were very excited to have so many friends and family members come to see them.
Here is Shannon dancing with her teacher, Mrs. Santana:
All dressed and ready to go!
Here they are with their piano teacher, Annette. Leah's teacher put lipstick on her! I didn't know they were going to do that, and I wish I could have seen her face when they did. She LOVES make-up and since I don't let her wear it, I'm sure she was very excited.
The girls have two cousins who they are sure are real princesses, and Becca is one of them. They were very happy that she could come.
Leah's dance was first. They did the Pollera ColorĂ¡, a dance from Colombia. My absolute favorite part is at about 1:20 when they shimmy. She was so embarrassed to do this, but she sure didn't hold back! Unfortunately, it is abundantly clear that my camera is getting old and the video is pretty fuzzy.
Then they sang Himno de las Americas. Leah is the tallest girl in her class, and they put her next to the two shortest boys in class.
The 4th grade classes get to learn how to play the recorder and have been practicing all year. If you notice, Shannon is the second shortest girl in her class. She only has about 1/2 inch on Leah, if that. They couldn't be more different!
Shannon's class did a dance from Bolivia called the Potolos, which represents people harvesting crops. I love how different all of these dances are!