Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Little Fish

There are certainly benefits to apartment living. One of the biggest for me is having a big swimming pool and hottub right outside my back door. Shannon and I have gone almost every day since the pool opened for the season, and she loves it as much as I do. She has started to kick, realizing that she moves when she does it. I have also gotten her to put her face under and blow bubbles. She is probably ready to get some arm floaties or something so that she can swim on her own, but this little baby raft has sure been neat. She almost falls asleep in it sometimes!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This is the Place

Today we went with my sister-in-law and her kids to Heritage Park. It is a huge village that surrounds a monument to Brigham Young and the pioneers. For those of you who may not know, after the pioneers walked across the plains they came through one last canyon and as soon as they got through it Brigham Young pointed to the huge valley below and announced that this was where they would finally settle. That was the birth of Salt Lake City and the rest of the valley. I couldn't get a great picture of the valley because of the storm coming in, but you can kind of see the valley. This is basically the view that the pioneers had from the canyon (minus the people and the park, of course). There was a great petting zoo with hundreds of baby chickens running everywhere, peacocks, goats, rabbits, cows, pigs, horses, and llamas. This is Shannon petting the goats, which she thought were kitties, of course. The animals actually seemed to enjoy the attention.
She was too tired at this point to care much, and she wouldn't let go of her dad long enough to ride the pony, but she did sit on it for a picture.
There was the cutest little mini village with this barn, a general store, a firehouse, a teepee, and a log cabin. Shannon liked the store the best because it even had toy food and a cash register (which she promptly picked up and walked off with). She probably would have stayed here all day if we had let her.
This is Shannon with her cousins and a friend on a little wooden train. They had a lot of fun playing on that, too.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Finally, a nice day!

We had a long, hard winter here, but Spring finally came. Then we had a few weeks of more cold and rain. Today was finally nice enough to take Shannon to the park. I met a few of my fellow young women leaders there for lunch and we talked while the kids played. Shannon was just fine playing all by herself in the huge sandbox.
Friday night Shannon spent the night at her grandmother's house, so Matt and I took advantage of the alone time to finally see some movies. We did a double feature and saw "Prince Caspian" and "Indiana Jones." I really enjoyed both movies a lot. We also played air hockey and went out to dinner. It was a great time!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

An Interesting Morning

This cougar was found just blocks from where we live this morning! There were 3 calls to 911 from people saying they had seen a cougar, so 911 started calling people in the neighborhood to bring their children and pets inside. We had a helicopter flying around trying to find it, and the elementary school kids had to stay inside for recess. They found it pretty quickly, though, and it didn't hurt anybody.

On another subject, I was able to go up to Idaho this weekend to visit my sister and see my niece get baptized. My parents were there, as well as another of my nieces with her 3 week old baby. He is very cute and never cries unless his dad changes his diaper. If you want to see him, click on the link to the Blair family blog on my blog list. It was so much fun to see everyone for the second time this month. We always have a good time together playing Trivial Persuit and talking.