Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Another Royal Ball

This year's Royal Ball was at the aquarium for an Under the Sea theme. It was so much fun! Shannon didn't want to get too fancy this year, but Leah wanted to be Elsa again. 
 Chatting with the fairies from Pixie Hollow
 My kids have no idea who Indiana Jones is, but they still thought he was cool.
 I've been to this aquarium several times, but the giant fish still amaze me. 
 Grossest cosplay ever. But the girl playing Jane was fantastic!
 Jellies! You can kind of see them in the background.
 As is tradition, Shannon tormented the Mad Hatter. 
 The Queen of Hearts was there, too!
 Leah got to meet her favorite princess.
 The kids kept stealing the Mad Hatter's hat and running off with it.  
 Enjoying chocolate covered pretzels and punch.
 Chris loves hiding in the caves in the Utah exhibit.
 Being grumpy 
 Showing off her wand and tiara face paint.
 My beautiful Leah.
 They had to chase Peter Pan around, too. I guess Chris likes hats?

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