Monday, October 19, 2015

Shannon's 9th Birthday

Shannon wanted a Harry Potter birthday this year. I borrowed a bunch of things from a friend to do the decorations and they turned out so cute! Here are the flying keys:
 And the floating candles:
 We couldn't have a Harry Potter party without a game of Quidditch. The kids really got into it, and Matt was an excellent Snitch.
 We've had to kind of experiment with when to do Shannon's birthday party in the past, because so few of the kids are actually in town the week before school starts. This year we decided to do it the first weekend after school started, and we had a HUGE turnout! It was so much fun! 
 Treats from Honeydukes
 The cake was going to be a lot fancier, but I just ran out of time, so she got this.
 Here is Matt letting all of the kids cast spells on him. My favorite was when he yelled and they all shrieked and ran down the hall.
And a few clips of the Quidditch match
Opening presents
She got the wand she wanted from Harry Potter world

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