Tuesday, October 13, 2015


We got to go camping this summer with our good friends to a beautiful property up in Little Cottonwood Canyon. We had the best time ever! Here is Chris trying to wake up.
 He wanted to go wake the girls up.
 The men cooking the meat
 This was a fantastic breakfast! We didn't really even need lunch that day.
 There were several paths from the campground to go exploring, and we couldn't keep the kids contained. They love nature!
 Here is a cool little fort they found
 We went on a hike and Chris did quite a bit of walking, but Matt did quite a bit of carrying him, too.
 On our way to what we thought was Donut Falls
 Hiding from the Uruk Hai
 After we had hiked up for a few miles (the falls were supposed to be not even a mile up the trail), we figured that we had made a wrong turn. This is one of the most poorly marked trails I have ever walked. We turned around and tried another fork and finally found the falls. It was SO crowded, but still pretty fun.
  The kids were naturals. We probably walked a total of 4-5 miles, and when we got back to the campground Leah asked if I would take her on a walk. So much energy!

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